Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Magic

This is probably news to no one but me. I have found the evolution of Christmas from childhood magic to family responsibility a bit of a depressing transition.

I think we've established that this is not a holiday or a vacation of any kind for mothers and women - what with the responsibility of creating that magical glamour of Santa and presents and beautiful food without showing any visible signs of stress or effort. This particular cycle has stopped with me since I broke up with that poisonous friend Molly Martyr a couple years back.

Jason brings a lot of the magic with his non-hatred of stores. We've managed to 50/50 split most of the responsibilities and this year we had shopping, knitting (even off the rails felting) and wrapping done well before the Christmas Eve drive to the Ottawa Valley.

Our families gave us the fantastic gift of not having to worry about meals since Jason's folks hosted us and my family on Christmas Day (Mom and Dad drove to Smith's Falls from Barrie!!) and Charlotte hosted Boxing Day. What a gift not having to choose between families or to cook.

Fenner got atrociously spoiled the whole time and when we got home the evening of Dec 27th. We opened our door and found this under our tree.

A shiny new red bike. WITH AN ELEPHANT HORN!!!
Totally out of left field, unexpected and beautiful. I'm a cynical sarcastic 35/6 year old and this was a perfect moment of Christmas Glamour that I never thought I would see again.

Fenner got her first bike (and somehow knew exactly what to do with it).

I got to feel that crazy Christmas morning feeling like somehow a million gifts were bestowed upon me with no possible answer as to where they came from.

Thank you Debra. It is an impossibly generous and glowing gift.

PS: Fenner doesn't say Happy Holidays - she says Happy Chanukah!


Elizabeth said...

O MY GOD!!! That is awesome! Crushing all over the bike and Deb right now.
Aunty Liz

jacquieblackman said...


Holiday magic RAWKS!!1!

char char said...

i am completely comfortable showing armpit sweat stains... i WILL embrass it

Rainy Daisy said...

I entirely and utterly agree with you. Christmas shouldn't be work. I think a big part of that is the commercialism of it - it's a lot of pressure (and money) to buy a Christmas present for every single person you know! I tried to keep it as simple as possible this year, and I found that it was really very pleasant. No worries!