Friday, November 06, 2009

Reading into Dumbo

So a couple of weeks back we had one of 'those' work weeks where it was just go go go all week. It culminated in me leaving for a girls weekend in the States.

This meant that not only was J was having his first flight as a single parent with a not weaned at all 2 year old but that he was doing it with a fairly empty fridge, no pre-made meals and exhausted.

We tried to prepare her by starting to wean and evolve our nighttime and morning rituals to somehow make the separation less painful for both of them and it was excruciating. Eventually, the constant fight wasn't worth it and we started discussing my impending departure upfront with no games - I nursed, she got up with Jason in the morning and he put her to bed at night. The nursing remained consistent.

"Mommy is leaving."

We didn't really have any expectations that this would work in any way and that "It would be all bad" for both J and F but at least it would only be "All Bad" for 2 nights and 3 days instead of the entire month leading up to my departure. Life is just too short.

That Friday night she got to enjoy her first movie - Dumbo. My job is not to judge because the weekend went amazingly well. I spoke to her and J every morning and night with no problems. J mentioned that she was sad but not inconsolable and was eating like a horse - including meat(!). This was interesting to me because she is pretty much a vegetarian kid - not of our making but of her own choice.

Anyway, when I got back after a 10 hour drive she was singing this phrase (minus the chip in her mouth).
Well, tonight Jason showed me the clip from the movie that she's singing and I'm trying hard not to get too wigged out by the 1941 cultural depictions. Am I getting charmed by the wordplay? The dancing crows?

I got back and she was happy to see me, still interested in nursing and seemingly not maladjusted or completely racist.

I'M ON HIGH ALERT although it's hard to be too paranoid when I imagine a rubber band or a horse fly!


alyson said...

Oh my GOD she kills me. I've watched it like ten times! You do a good job too my dear!

Meg said...

She's so grown up!!! I love it, and I'm really enjoying all the haircut drama, or lack thereof. ;)

Carol said...

So glad it went no too traumatically. A word of caution, I too was a mostly vegetarian kid by choice. Until I went anemic. Mom, apparently, had no idea about what veggies etc to pair up to get me my required nutrients!

My 'goto' meals are still mostly vegetarian

rams said...

Hell with racism -- have you watched the separation-from-Mama scene? I won't, under any circumstances -- my kids used to call "Mom! James Taylor's on!" if the scene happened to show up on cable. Mercifully all is over and fine -- but woman! Why this movie? It's all about separation from Mama! (Unless you were brilliant, since they're reunited at the end.)

Anonymous said...

When my daughter was 4 she discovered Dumbo at my Mum's. She must have watched it 20 times but she cried and had to leave the room every time Ms Dumbo was put into the cage. I think she still does and she's 26 !
My nephew became hooked on trains with Dumbo.