Sunday, November 01, 2009


I love it when an idea comes together. Jason's plan to decorate the house involved "lots of little sheet ghosts". I wasn't exactly sure what he was talking about only that I knew there was a lot going on the week before Halloween and that "lots" of anything handmade hurt my head.
My imagination is truly lacking when it comes to understanding other peoples' ideas and how they'll be delivered. On Thursday and Friday night, J commenced decorating. 46 of these little guys were done by Friday night. Cute eh? They each had their own face.
Even the cat got some spooky enjoyment out of his decorations! The setting sun comes directly into our living room through the porch. The blustering wind really added to the effect. They looked really cool and were all made from an old ghost costume from the year before. I love that he decorated the house so well and didn't spend a dime. Yay to avoiding dollar store investing!
I contributed a couple of Boo!s from the stash.
Fenner helped carve her very first Pumpkin. She was quite frightened of it at first -the innards were really terrifying. Slowly she came around and by the end was having a great time.
Our friends Jason and Lorie came for a bite to eat and some Bloody Brain Shooters that my Jason uncharacteristically wanted to make. They were disgusting and led to a terrible terrible hangover the next day.Finally, Fenner dressed in a beautiful dress that her Fairy Godmother and family friend Terry had given her from her travels. Jason and I suggested that she might be dressed as a character from the movie "The Cove" Dark.

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