Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall, I was afraid you would never call me back.

I feel like Fall has finally arrived. Usually, Thanksgiving is my springboard to Fall hibernation and homemaking but it really took a while for me to get revved up this year. I think I wrote that I wasn't really present in anything I was doing at Thanksgiving and that continued for a few more weeks.

Last week I really forced myself to get off my ass and back in gear. Jason and I have been invited to a fabulous wedding at Canoe at the end of this month and winter is coming so we are really trying to get our house in shape enough to sustain us through the cold dark teatime of the soul that is winter.

The hair cut that launched a thousand projects. I was saying to Mom today that getting my haircut has really rejuvenated me. It may be crazy but a little bit of self care goes along way. It's not even that different from my old hair...just fresher.
I've started a million and one knitting projects and of them for Xmas. INSPIRATION is good stuff. It feels good to be making any progress on anything - work, spinning, knitting, cooking, family, life. So to be making small bits of progress on all of it at the same time is giving me a minute of that rare delicious feeling of balance.

That I might be doing something right without sacrificing everything else.

Life does this every once in awhile and if I'm lucky it happens at a point that I can appreciate it because it's these singular moments that keeps all working mothers chasing that mythical asshole of dragon called work/life/family balance.

Fenner has taken to participating in meal times in a whole new way.
She and Debra made delicious chicken soup and tea biscuits yesterday. I commented all day about how nice her biscuits are. That's right, I'm *that boss* you know the kind. But man, those biscuits were fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.
Debra took this pic of the quintessentially fall moment. These two babes mushify my cold dead heart. Makes me sad that I can't go play with them myself during the day.

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Anonymous said...

So, I need Debra's recipe for chicken soup. I have never been ever to make it decently...
PS Repeat after me: There is no work/life balance. Even with a good hair cut. Just do the best you can!