Saturday, November 14, 2009

Big Boo Boo

So I was just going along my merry way and I realized that I didn't credit Debra with the super fantastic picture of Fenner and Ella.

She's got a handy cell camera and gosh darn it she takes Fenner to some of the cutest kids in the neighborhood!

We love you Debs

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall, I was afraid you would never call me back.

I feel like Fall has finally arrived. Usually, Thanksgiving is my springboard to Fall hibernation and homemaking but it really took a while for me to get revved up this year. I think I wrote that I wasn't really present in anything I was doing at Thanksgiving and that continued for a few more weeks.

Last week I really forced myself to get off my ass and back in gear. Jason and I have been invited to a fabulous wedding at Canoe at the end of this month and winter is coming so we are really trying to get our house in shape enough to sustain us through the cold dark teatime of the soul that is winter.

The hair cut that launched a thousand projects. I was saying to Mom today that getting my haircut has really rejuvenated me. It may be crazy but a little bit of self care goes along way. It's not even that different from my old hair...just fresher.
I've started a million and one knitting projects and of them for Xmas. INSPIRATION is good stuff. It feels good to be making any progress on anything - work, spinning, knitting, cooking, family, life. So to be making small bits of progress on all of it at the same time is giving me a minute of that rare delicious feeling of balance.

That I might be doing something right without sacrificing everything else.

Life does this every once in awhile and if I'm lucky it happens at a point that I can appreciate it because it's these singular moments that keeps all working mothers chasing that mythical asshole of dragon called work/life/family balance.

Fenner has taken to participating in meal times in a whole new way.
She and Debra made delicious chicken soup and tea biscuits yesterday. I commented all day about how nice her biscuits are. That's right, I'm *that boss* you know the kind. But man, those biscuits were fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.
Debra took this pic of the quintessentially fall moment. These two babes mushify my cold dead heart. Makes me sad that I can't go play with them myself during the day.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Reading into Dumbo

So a couple of weeks back we had one of 'those' work weeks where it was just go go go all week. It culminated in me leaving for a girls weekend in the States.

This meant that not only was J was having his first flight as a single parent with a not weaned at all 2 year old but that he was doing it with a fairly empty fridge, no pre-made meals and exhausted.

We tried to prepare her by starting to wean and evolve our nighttime and morning rituals to somehow make the separation less painful for both of them and it was excruciating. Eventually, the constant fight wasn't worth it and we started discussing my impending departure upfront with no games - I nursed, she got up with Jason in the morning and he put her to bed at night. The nursing remained consistent.

"Mommy is leaving."

We didn't really have any expectations that this would work in any way and that "It would be all bad" for both J and F but at least it would only be "All Bad" for 2 nights and 3 days instead of the entire month leading up to my departure. Life is just too short.

That Friday night she got to enjoy her first movie - Dumbo. My job is not to judge because the weekend went amazingly well. I spoke to her and J every morning and night with no problems. J mentioned that she was sad but not inconsolable and was eating like a horse - including meat(!). This was interesting to me because she is pretty much a vegetarian kid - not of our making but of her own choice.

Anyway, when I got back after a 10 hour drive she was singing this phrase (minus the chip in her mouth).
Well, tonight Jason showed me the clip from the movie that she's singing and I'm trying hard not to get too wigged out by the 1941 cultural depictions. Am I getting charmed by the wordplay? The dancing crows?

I got back and she was happy to see me, still interested in nursing and seemingly not maladjusted or completely racist.

I'M ON HIGH ALERT although it's hard to be too paranoid when I imagine a rubber band or a horse fly!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Questionable new life

Well, if I ruled the world, incendiary emails would be sent earlier in the day to provide the opportunity to deal with the fall out instead of at 5:00pm to ruin multiple peoples' evenings. Luckily for everyone I have new hair now so this will be the last time it happens.

Go team new life!

Hair before after 22 months of growth.
I went to this amazing hair stylist that cut my hair and replaced the ironic 'stache with some forehead shine.

On the upside my to do list is mostly done.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Really 18 months?

It's been 18 months since I've gotten my hair cut. J was reminding me that Fenner was less than 3 months old.

I can't help but think that once I get it cut I may be reborn as someone who can stay up past 9:00 pm without feeling like she may just tip
over from exhaustion at any point.

This new hairstyle will make me socially relevant and give me enough attention span and time to read the Saturday paper in one sitting as opposed to over the entire week. I will be unstoppable

Here's a list of some of the things I will be able to do with with my new haircut:
- My to do list both personal and professional every day will be completed.
- Bake bread every night
- Plan menus for the week including one communal dinner with guests once a week
- Go to at least 1 concert, 1 movie and 1 play every two weeks
- Talk to my friends on a regular basis from home - not from a streetcar in the rain and *not* about Fenner's cuteness. Well, maybe a little bit.
- Finish spinning a fleece in less than a year without sacrificing my knitting
- Knit more gifts
- Go to F's sing song class on Wednesday mornings
- Volunteer
- Give blood
- Run
- Control the tupperware drawer that damnedable tool of the patriarchy (Martha, you know what I'm talking about)

Jeez, I hope I'm not disappointed.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


I love it when an idea comes together. Jason's plan to decorate the house involved "lots of little sheet ghosts". I wasn't exactly sure what he was talking about only that I knew there was a lot going on the week before Halloween and that "lots" of anything handmade hurt my head.
My imagination is truly lacking when it comes to understanding other peoples' ideas and how they'll be delivered. On Thursday and Friday night, J commenced decorating. 46 of these little guys were done by Friday night. Cute eh? They each had their own face.
Even the cat got some spooky enjoyment out of his decorations! The setting sun comes directly into our living room through the porch. The blustering wind really added to the effect. They looked really cool and were all made from an old ghost costume from the year before. I love that he decorated the house so well and didn't spend a dime. Yay to avoiding dollar store investing!
I contributed a couple of Boo!s from the stash.
Fenner helped carve her very first Pumpkin. She was quite frightened of it at first -the innards were really terrifying. Slowly she came around and by the end was having a great time.
Our friends Jason and Lorie came for a bite to eat and some Bloody Brain Shooters that my Jason uncharacteristically wanted to make. They were disgusting and led to a terrible terrible hangover the next day.Finally, Fenner dressed in a beautiful dress that her Fairy Godmother and family friend Terry had given her from her travels. Jason and I suggested that she might be dressed as a character from the movie "The Cove" Dark.