Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Begin Again.

Happy end of October! What better time to get a grip on writing with some regularity again than the beginning of a month.

I really have no excuse except for that life just started happening. Overscheduling the month of October was a killer I think I was in town 2 weekends out of the 5 and travelling alone for 2 of the weekends of the month.

This is what I learned: Hotel rooms with king sized beds, fireplaces and jacuzzi bathtubs in hotel rooms facing Niagara Falls are wasted on the young and childless. Six women with powerful personalities and opinions CAN spend 72 hours together and have an amazing time every hour of the weekend especially when a wine cellar and innumerable bottles of champagne are involved. I can use a sewing machine!

It was a really fun month and Thanksgiving was one of the highlights. My best friend Carolyn and Jay's folks joined us at the cottage where we got snowed on during our traditional Cranberry Bog tour. Usually we'd have pics of the turkey on the bbcue but we went more traditional this year. To be honest it was bloody cold and we were all slow like bees in smoke. Carolyn was amazing with the pictures and shared some gems with me.After too many indoor games with Grampa and Grama Gemmill she needed to get out and get the stink off her.

We finally got our boat running safely at the end of the summer so J got a chance to learn his way around the lake. The cold cold lake.Still happy to be outside though!
Carolyn took a lot of pics with me in them. I didn't realize that I tend to be behind the camera taking pictures. I loved all of them. It's so funny - when this picture was taken we were walking to White's Falls after having boated over. I look totally in the moment but I remember distinctly thinking: I hope the boat starts again, that the turkey is doing ok and that Steve and Debbie are enjoying themselves.

I think I have to work more at being in the moment.

It's a pretty part of our lake and we used to spend hours and hours there floating in the rapids and baking on the rocks. Fenner loved looking at all the bubbles coming over the rocks. The best part this year was that Mom and Dad were able to bring Mimi for Thanksgiving dinner. It's a difficult thing to bring a 93 year old to the cottage on blustery cold fall days and somehow Mom and Dad always make it a priority amongst so many other priorities. It was definitely a highlight this year as Fenner was entranced by her and vice versa.

They played with the nesting dolls that my grandparents brought back from their Russian/Scandanavian vacation and generally played Stadtler and Waldorf while the rest of us got dinner on.

Never one to be shy with her questions she was quite focussed on finding out who Carolyn belonged to even though they've met dozens of times. It wasn't until we told the story of the Thanksgiving that Mom and Dad couldn't come to that Carolyn (vegetarian) made the turkey for them while we were in school that Mimi remembered.

It was a good weekend especially considering that the weather was...weathery. About mid-September Liz came to stay with us for a few weeks. It was amazing to have her here for Fenner to get to know her west coast (I STILL DON'T APPROVE) Auntie.
We had a kitchen party every night while I got dinner on, F had someone to read stories and sing with. It was a sweet sweet thing for all of us.
Rubber boot nudity was not only acceptable but fully encouraged!

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