Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why my job rocks in so many ways.

I work with an amazing group of people living all over North America. I've never experienced leadership, mentorship and support (technical and professional) like I have in this company. After 3 years I've hit my first personal hump. Thems is the best odds I've had working for someone else.

My sister's advice to me was that work is not emotional it's business and I need to check the baggage at the door.

Which clearly speaks of at least 2 extreme ways of living the professional life. She's an amazingly logical thinker-linear, balanced and clearly thought out. Personal relationships are hard for her because they often(all) require enormous personal risk.

I'm an intuitive, emotionally attached, judgemental social butterfly. My clients love me and I love to make them love me *especially* when they are complete jackasses. I love my colleagues and coworkers - I'm willing to walk 60km with some of them, and drive down to JERSEY with others. 9 hrs. I love these ladies.

Anyway, I love my job. Working from home is an evolving challenge but nothing I can't cop to and when things are stressful to the point of distraction - you know the kind of stress I'm talking. I call it bumblebee stress the niggling constant concern that keeps you from staying in a straight thought you bounce from task to task until finally you say, "Fuck It"

And that's when working from home has it's very priceless privileges.

15 minutes later, I'm centred, and able again. This is a nice feature in an imperfect world.

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Dr. Steph said...

Sigh. I miss that part of working from home.