Monday, September 21, 2009

The weekend was so good it felt like we had 2 extra days.

After 2 hours pent singing the sound track to Free to Be You and Me , terrible attempts at rounds of My Paddle's Keen and Bright with a little bit of Deep Purple to keep our edge (Fenner does a wicked air guitar). Charlotte, Fenner and I got to the cottage around 10:00 pm. F had enough in her to kiss Mom and Dad good night and hello to Liz and then pass out.

The real start to the weekend was on Saturday morning when as soon as Fenner woke up and asked for a story Charlotte and Liz ran from their rooms to our bed. Our family has a long history of the family bed and many a Saturday morning was spent snuggled in reading books quietly or out loud.
Fenner is in deep and true love with Charlotte and hangs on her every word and movement. Look at this woman, how could you not?
We all spent the weekend hiking, splitting wood, going on boat rides and eating. There was lots and lots of eating.
Liz is getting married next spring and I'd like to introduce 'Her Ladies' - there will be delicious delicious trouble.
Hiking with a 2 year old doesn't necessarily mean going the distance but she did pretty well. We made sure Charlotte walked just ahead of her to keep the pace up.

Finished Object - Fenner's first hat of the winter. It was cold up north this weekend. Manos left over from a rug hooking did the trick keeping her warm.

It was one of those rare spectacular fall weekends when the mornings are cold enough to warrant wool and layers and the afternoons are warm and sunny. The company was superb, politics avoided and we all felt amazing by the end of it.

Weekends like this one keep us chasing the dragon.

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rams said...

You're messing with us, right? Though I've got to admire the level of Photoshop necessary to get your head three times in that bed...