Monday, September 14, 2009

Shaken, not stirred please.

Got some unsettling news today. You know the kind that makes you wonder if you really knew that close friend as well as you thought. I feel a little off balance and probably way too personally invested.

Until I can really process the news I'm not sure I can write about it without using the term "Cockshow" and while soapbox ranting is unendingly satisfying I'm not sure I could do it effectively right now. Effective soapbox ranting isn't born out of insecurity and ignorance. I'm sure tomorrow will bring some answers.

Also, I just reread the last two blog posts and now I wonder if I'm actually illiterate. You'd think I could finish a complete thought at this stage of life. I appreciate everyone taking the mental energy to fill in the blanks of my sentences.

Can you tell I've fallen down on the writing every day? It's amazing how fast using cute baby pictures to fill the void of literacy can become a crutch.


Molly said...

Man, whatever it is, I'm sorry. That sounds highly unpleasant. Here's hoping it's---I don't know, whatever the best-case scenario is, I guess. Hug your Fenner until you feel better!

meghan & olan said...

Yikes. I hope it's all panning out okay?