Friday, September 18, 2009


Well, fuck the patriarchy. I'm going up to the bush to hang with these lovely bitches. Good for the heart yo.
Jason is going to have a weekend alone. I've left him an insane list of things to do - clearly I feel like uninterrupted sleeping alone TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW can impact the space time continuum in fantastic ways. Also, it gives you so much energy that you can: Clean the eavestroughs, put up the shelves in F's room, finish the custom shelves for the kitchen, clean and mop the house top to bottom, steam clean the basement, organize the winter clothes closet, go fall/winter clothes shopping for Fenner and get rid of F's summer clothes that are too small (except for the handmades please).
Every time the doorbell rings Fenner lights up and yells: "CHARCHARCHARCHAR (Charlotte) COCOCOCOCO(Auntie Coco)"

Mom is almost speechless to have all the girls up. We are all so very excited.

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