Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labour Day: The gateway to illness.

Last weekend we travelled down/up to Smiths Falls for the long weekend. J's dad has just retired and we wanted to celebrate by throwing Fenner at him and drinking his wine (Thanks Steve!!!)
We enjoyed the train experience and it was great. Not much knitting with a 2 year old but certainly a lot more fun that being stuck in a car for 4 hours.
We went to the Perth Fall Fair.

Fenner's butt got a hearty dose of fall sunshine and we had one of the best long weekends I can remember. Steve and Debbie always take amazing care of us and this past weekend was no exception.
Maybe it was because we arrived early in the afternoon on Monday after a relaxing train trip during which Fenner napped and we napped but we started the week feeling reinvigorated and well rested.

Maybe that's why neither J or I have shown any signs of strep and it's been almost 5 days. Thank the Fates, those bitches, since Fenner's poor caregiver came down with strep throat so badly that she had symptoms of rheumatoid arthitis so J and I had to MacGyver work schedules.

Since Debra went down I've been nursing the holy bejeezus out of Fenner, because, well, doesn't it make sense to give her the antibodies that I'm producing? A good friend of mine backed my instincts with this little gem since I'm know to be about as logical and scientific as a puddle of fingerpaint it was gratifying to know my inner compass is right.

Fenner is almost 2 and I've taken a bit of heat for still nursing her when she asks now (2-3 times in 24 hours). She spent 2 days in close contact with someone at their most contagious and has shown no signs of illness. I feel affirmed. Breast milk = good shit yo'.


Molly said...

Damn right.

Also: almost two?! They grow up so fast!

meghan & olan said...

Keep the magic milk coming and tell all complainers to f-off :)

That beautiful little naked bum makes me SMILE :)

jessica said...

I agree with your second commenter -- whose business is it anyway, besides yours and your daughter's?

I'm still nursing my son at 2yrs, and he too has caught almost no bugs since he was born. Pretty miraculous and pretty compelling, no?