Friday, August 28, 2009

Cop Out.

We've been back from vacation for almost 6 weeks and while the vacation was absolutely stupendous, re-entry into life was more like rear-entry in the joint. Yes, it was that bad.

I may one day regale you with tales of cat poo throughout my house that formerly smelt of lavendar and love. Or tales of the 12 blisters I incurred on my feet due to a 5 day conference that I attended leaving Jason to single parent with an empty fridge and filthy house.

Until then these highlights of our AMAZINGLY WORTH EVERY SINGLE OCCURRENCE OF CAT SH** vacation.
Learning to 'play cribbage' on the board that my grandfather taught a generation on.
We swam every day - by day three a water baby was born. Jumping off the dock and freaking out when it was time to go for lunch. Victory was ours!

New toys.
No cottage vacation is complete without some maintenance (well a project a day really.) Jason cleaned out and repaired the old sandbox that I do believe every single cousin in my family has played in.
The heat came without the mosquito's and the evenings were divine.
Grandpa's an expert in mutilating worms and saving fish from hooks. Fenner collected sunfish in a large bucket. It was magical to her and something she could only do with Grandpa since I refuse to deal with hooks and flesh. Regardless of the amount of pain a fish may or may not feel.
We repaired the old 9.9 Evinrude motor so we could go on short boat trips. This happened on the second last day of vacation but it was worth the wait. I can't wait to take Jason up the lake to Pretty Channel (scroll down) at Thanksgiving - spectacular.
She is fairly fearless on the dock - this is the way we spent all the sunny days. You hear that? Yeah, nothing much. It was good.


For those that are interested, conversions were accomplished. This is Micky, 1 of 2 third generation cottage cousins who spent the summer with their Gran down the bay. I kidnapped them throughout the two weeks to work on knitting lessons - helped with the rainy days and they were extremely charming ladies to spend time with.

We're heading to the Ottawa Valley for the long weekend. I have knitting victories to entrance you with next week.


Elizabeth said...

GAH! AAACK! That video!

Aunty Liz

ps: Now that I've recovered, it's amazing how adept at moving in life jackets kids are.

David said...

Drama in the video!!!!
Aunty Sally

aviva said...

Dude! I just caught up on months of your blog. The robot was my favourite, though a close second was the lake stunt. What a joker.
I need to spend some quality time with Fenner. Let's pick an afternoon in September and get the kids together.

Lynn said...

Atta girl Fenner!

Been there, done that ;)

jacquieblackman said...

"There so go-oes!"

I love that little girl.