Friday, July 24, 2009

Gone Fishin'

I know it's been awhile. Seems that I can't keep the blog and the work when the work gets busy. It's been busy.

We're taking a page from the book of Fenner and running to the bush.
Pictures courtesy of Tracey Sutherland from our family reunion.

I've packed my much neglected spinning wheel a Romni fleece and at the very least plan on attending the Sip 'n' Spin at the Purple Sock in Coldwater. Also packed, my sweater, socks, lace, another sweater, and some additional supplies for the knitting class I'm teaching for the kids on the lake. I'm looking forward to teaching them especially since they're so excited about it right now - 4th generation on our bay, I've done some terribly irresponsible things with their parents growing up. Just that I can say that freaks me out to no end.

Fenner will be doing a lot of this with her Grandpa especially if it doesn't warm up!


Yvette said...

Have a wonderful time.

David said...

Have a great time up at the cabin!
Hope Fenner and "Gandpa" can do lots of good cottage-land stuff together!!!!

Love Sally (Aunt)

alyson said...

Are you guys up at the cottage the weekend of the 8-9th? We're coming up on Saturday night for a short visit, we leave on Monday morning. Would LOVE to visit and meet Fenner.........

Anonymous said...

it was so very nice to see you last night!
it's been too long!
good luck with the new "Project".