Monday, June 01, 2009

Well, that was good for the heart and soul

Sunny weekend and the first in a month that we were in town.

We spent Saturday hanging with Fenner's Fairy Godmother, gardening, and leisurely drinking coffee through Leslieville. Check out Ed's Real Scoop - Glory of Glories thank god it wasn't open while I was pregnant.
We went to the High Park Zoo where we saw Wallabees. If someone could help me understand why the Flyer (female) was relegated to the crappy smaller cage with her Joey while the Boomer(I assume the male because that's the kind of institutionalized mysogyny I've been raised to expect) sat in the enormous landscaped green beautiful estate napping in a HUGE cave like space. Jason would appreciate any evidence for a scientific reason for this.

Honestly, I can't understand J isn't enraged since these male stereotypes chafe him daily.

The High Park Zoo was quickly relegated to the list of topics of non-discussion along with such retardation as TLC - Birth Stories and Fox News.

Other than the wallabees it was a spectacular day, the sun shone the whole time and the second we got hot a cool breeze came to make life more comfortable. Mother Nature was a real peach and a half the whole weekend. Jason got to scratch a climbing itch.
Fenner got to stalk ducks! Which sounds remarkable like another word we're expecting any day now.
Mini - FDR here singin' the blues during a forced confinement (pre-nap)
I just love how edible these cheeks are. All said and done the past weekend really helped to get the stink off of us from the previous week. I even managed to go out and get into trouble with the ladies of Highfield - dancing and carrousing.
It was enough to distract me from the fact that my cat in what I'm choosing to think was a misguided act of loyalty peed in the purse that housed The Knitting I'm striving to complete - in fact, there was pee nowhere else but inside my purse...I'm sure he was simply expressing unity. Right?


Craftygrrrl said...

From one who has three cats with a penchant for being inappropriatly pissy I've got nothing but empathy for ya.

Those bastards have ruined more handbags, shoes and WIPs than I really care to remember!

meghan & olan said...

And from another who expected a certain word to follow duck but has thus avoided it so far, I wish you the same luck... because it can't be anything else!