Monday, June 08, 2009

Warning. Work + Insomnia = Goofy

It's a ridiculous busy week at work this week so the time for posting is short and the attention span is shorter.

Here's a short view of what's it's like to work after Jason has finished bathing Fenner at night. She comes streaking into my office to jump on the pilates ball I sit on at my desk. I turned my web cam to amuse her and this is what we get - Narcissis redux - She spent the next 20 minutes trying to smooch the beautiful baby on the monitor.

I'd be worried except then it became a family affair.


Elizabeth said...

She is so beautiful!

tapeheads said...

I want to smooch the beautiful baby on the monitor!
(btw, I will most likely be at the Purl tonight - and when are you getting that thing from off my porch?!)

meghan & olan said...

She is so beautiful, I'll kiss the screen- it will have to do for now