Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just in time for Fall

I'm going to my good friend Lori's for the first of what I hope will be many summer barbecues. In preparation for what will surely be a cool and refreshing evening because Mother Nature has decided that June is not the month for summer to arrive, I have finished the Simple and Effective Shawl - ending on 412 stitches.
It is outside drying right now and, thankfully, there is not a single wiff of my cats purse incident. A relief, because I'd hate to see all that work get stuffed down his gullet. I think we may be slowly entering the dress up years (I CANNOT WAIT!) Fenner with her antenna crown, smiling for the camera.


Craftygrrrl said...

Abi really got into dress up when my Mum arrived one day with a bagfull of my old Sunday Best's.

I'm certain it's now illegal to put some of those fabrics on a minor but does she ever love those dresses.

Elizabeth said...

Aunty Liz

David said...

beautiful shawl, beautiful baby!!!!
Aunt Sally

meghan & olan said...

Oh I love dress up, and luckily so does Olan :)