Thursday, June 18, 2009

I just crossed the 35 yard line and I think I dig it.

It was my birthday last weekend. Normally, I love birthdays - I usually know exactly what I want in terms of parties and presents. I like to make it easy for people to spoil me. That's what a good wife and friend I am - always thinking about making it easy for you guys.

This year though, I simply could not make up my mind - and my friends and family rallyed. It was amazing. My Mother in Law gave me an amazing pattern book that I've been trying to justify buying for the last 6 months. I had a friend who lent me her copy under the promise that I would buy the book myself. So until I'd done that, I simply could not continue knitting the project.
Let the guilt free Danish lace knitting begin! Yes, I do realize that my frump factor has peaked - but this shit is going to blow your mind when I'm done, yo!

My urban family rallyed to get me ludicrously inebriated a la 25 year old Jen. It didn't take long.

On a more wholesome note, Fenner has started talking in her sleep. She sits up in bed and says the name of whoever we've seen that day clearly and then curl back up asleep. Last week she said Coco, Ella and River's names at least once or twice through the week. Adorable.

On Saturday night we went to our neighbour's house for dinner. It was hot and summery and good not to be wearing layers of clothes. The girls enjoyed some frozen blueberries and fruits. Fenner discovered a love of dollhouses.
She had also discovered a love of throwing rocks into the lake at the cottage. Can you see where this is going?

Bonked River right in the head. It was one of those moments that moved in slow motion. An action that was not done out of malice or with intent to hurt - these kids play together all the time. When River started to cry Fenner very quickly followed suit. Poor Beans! Luckily, no real harm was done and we had a small and what I felt as fairly ineffective chat about throwing rocks at people vs at the ground. I mean really, the kid is 20 months much right vs wrong can she understand?!

One of F's favourite books right now is Boo Hoo Bird . She will make a sad face when we discuss how Bird's Bonk makes him cry. On Monday, two days after the rock incident Fenner looked up at me and said, "River. Bonk. Hurt"signed hurt at the same time and made her sad face. I just about fell over.

She did it a few times on Monday and Tuesday. Is this shit for real? Am I just drunk on Momma kool aid to think that she understands what happened? Or are my expectations of what toddlers can understand too low. In any case she's empathizing with kids and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. I feel like the route to peace starts with that ability.

Anyone got any thoughts on this one?


alyson said...

You're expectations on what a toddler can understand ARE really way to low (but she is brilliant). In fact, give her a few months and she's totally going to be working you like a sweet violin, all without you even noticing until someone (namely your Mom) tells you she's doing it....and then you feel like the proverbial biggest ass for doubting your child's intelligence, not to mention the fact that she's using it against you :) Swear on it man.

Lise said...

They totally understand that sort of stuff. I can remember one of mine (who knows which one, I can't even remember their names) patting he cat - "gentle"; bonking the cat -"ouchies"; repeat til the cat escapes.
Such a lovely girl.