Thursday, June 04, 2009

Getting out.

Finally a picture of Fenner's Fairy God Mother that doesn't make either of them look like anything less than their most perfect selves.

When Auntie Coco is around, Fenner sees no one else. Pretty much from the beginnitlyng there has been a kinship that I hope lasts until Fenner is 12 and needs to talk to a woman that is not me about the boy/girl friends that I'm sure I will hate.

Even more importantly I hope Coco comes directly to me to confirm that yes Fenner is using condoms and/or dumping him/her. ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME COCO?!

Until then, there are delightful biking trips to the beach and climbing lessons to be learned.

We went to the playground at the park where I was able to get this fantastic demonstration of the joyous torture the slides are. You will see Fenner's little hairs standing on end at the bottom of the slide she is so charged up. Every time I catch her at the bottom there is a hideous shock waiting for both of us.


It's like Hitchcock and Pavlove hooked up for a couple of pints and Pavlov went to Hitchcock: "You know what would be *really* funny?"

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Lise said...

Calvin and I used to scream SNAP! to each other as he reached the bottom of the slide, hair like a dandelion.
Fenner is lucky to have a Coco. Long may it last.