Wednesday, June 03, 2009

2 steps forward and 6 steps back

I've got a lot of really basic meditative projects on the needles. Repetitive simple stitch patterns that I can do while focussing on other things, movies, breathing, keeping my heart beating. You know the ones, projects that I can knit because I'm tired all the time.

A guernsey vest for Jason from the Veronik Avery book, Knitting Classic Style, is one such treat. I've been working on it for going on 6 months here and there. At the same time I'm knitting Bonnie for myself, a shawl, a couple of toys and now that June is here I'm starting the Christmas gifts (I know I know...)

I have a series of randomly generated rules that I follow when I'm knitting on multiple projects - for the guernsey whenever I finish a skein of Heathers 220 I can work on my Bonnie cable sweater. As I finish pieces of the Bonnie I can return to the guernsey. Delays have occurred because of the never ending shawl which I will return to every once in awhile with the intent to finish it and some random birthday gifts made in between.

All this to say it's been awhile. After I reached the requisite 14.5 inches of alternating (impeccable if I may say) moss stitch and welt pattern at the SnB at the Purple Purl - Audra looked up and asked if Jason had gained weight....which of course flipped the light switch that maybe I should take another measure. Luckily Lisa had her camera so the moment could be documented....This is a 49" swatch. I had been aiming for 40" on the outside so he could wear a fleece or thermal long sleeve shirt underneath hit, a look I find incredibly sexy. Jason is a big man but since becoming a parent has dropped close to 30 lbs (I wonder if Fenner's a runner?).

Keri was nice enough to give me a new knitters lesson in swatching in which we learn that my swatch at the beginning of the project, was in fact a big fat lying liar.
There was great discussion about repurposing the swatch to make a stole (note that the fabric is folded in have on Joyce in this picture. We debated steeking which made me sweat.

In the end I made the executive decision.
3 skeins (I had spit spliced them) in one ginormous ball of swatch lies.


Craftygrrrl said...


That blows!

Personally I'm blaming the weather, all that rain is causing the yarn to frizz up with the moisture it's wicking from the air.

Kim said...

The swatches: they mock us.

Dani said...

Jen, that sucks hard. Gah.