Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hot and Cold - Ma Nature is fickle.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Living in Toronto during a summer garbage strike is like sleeping on a homeless man's tongue.

The worst part is that there is an AWESOME pool 2 minutes north of us (2 minutes with Fenner walking) instead we have to walk 30 minutes to a splash pad with shade. Admittedly, that last phrase made me sound like a sniveling sucky pants. Which I am.

It was worth it just to cool down. Fenner loved just splashing in the puddles vs having no control over the spray on her face on the hot hot Saturday last weekend. She looked a million times better after getting refreshed.

Her friend River LOVES the splash pad and the water and the second she was soaking wet she was a whole different person. Hell, we all were.

Except for Ella who did an amazing job at convincing me to babysit her again! Her folks were re-roofing a garage (superstars) on Saturday so we offered to take her for the trip. I figured 4 adults and 3 toddlers were an even match.
Cooler Monday spent splashing in puddles. I just loved this picture with the chalk graffiti on the school wall behind her.
We took Pa Gemmill to Wanda's Pie In the Sky for a delicious treat although we may have underestimated the impact of the garbage strike on neighborhoods like Kensington....details details.


Monday, June 22, 2009


This week the Canadian branch of the International User Group that most of my clients belong to are hosting a conference. As a result I left home before Fenner woke up and am returning well after she has fallen asleep.

Dare I say I miss the home life?

Here is a picture my friend Nelson took of her and I bowling a spare on Saturday night well past her bed time - that's how I roll bitches. Late to bed, sometimes early to rise.

She was amazing on Saturday night - a real trouper. I love this picture.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Robot Robot Robot

Latest installment of what happens after bath time. I particularly like her pj's in this video. She's one of those hot babies, in fact, one of the signs that she's about to fall asleep is that she heats up and develops a shean of sweat.

Pretty I know. I only wish my lightbulbs hadn't burned out so this video would have been clearer.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

I just crossed the 35 yard line and I think I dig it.

It was my birthday last weekend. Normally, I love birthdays - I usually know exactly what I want in terms of parties and presents. I like to make it easy for people to spoil me. That's what a good wife and friend I am - always thinking about making it easy for you guys.

This year though, I simply could not make up my mind - and my friends and family rallyed. It was amazing. My Mother in Law gave me an amazing pattern book that I've been trying to justify buying for the last 6 months. I had a friend who lent me her copy under the promise that I would buy the book myself. So until I'd done that, I simply could not continue knitting the project.
Let the guilt free Danish lace knitting begin! Yes, I do realize that my frump factor has peaked - but this shit is going to blow your mind when I'm done, yo!

My urban family rallyed to get me ludicrously inebriated a la 25 year old Jen. It didn't take long.

On a more wholesome note, Fenner has started talking in her sleep. She sits up in bed and says the name of whoever we've seen that day clearly and then curl back up asleep. Last week she said Coco, Ella and River's names at least once or twice through the week. Adorable.

On Saturday night we went to our neighbour's house for dinner. It was hot and summery and good not to be wearing layers of clothes. The girls enjoyed some frozen blueberries and fruits. Fenner discovered a love of dollhouses.
She had also discovered a love of throwing rocks into the lake at the cottage. Can you see where this is going?

Bonked River right in the head. It was one of those moments that moved in slow motion. An action that was not done out of malice or with intent to hurt - these kids play together all the time. When River started to cry Fenner very quickly followed suit. Poor Beans! Luckily, no real harm was done and we had a small and what I felt as fairly ineffective chat about throwing rocks at people vs at the ground. I mean really, the kid is 20 months old....how much right vs wrong can she understand?!

One of F's favourite books right now is Boo Hoo Bird . She will make a sad face when we discuss how Bird's Bonk makes him cry. On Monday, two days after the rock incident Fenner looked up at me and said, "River. Bonk. Hurt"signed hurt at the same time and made her sad face. I just about fell over.

She did it a few times on Monday and Tuesday. Is this shit for real? Am I just drunk on Momma kool aid to think that she understands what happened? Or are my expectations of what toddlers can understand too low. In any case she's empathizing with kids and I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER. I feel like the route to peace starts with that ability.

Anyone got any thoughts on this one?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just in time for Fall

I'm going to my good friend Lori's for the first of what I hope will be many summer barbecues. In preparation for what will surely be a cool and refreshing evening because Mother Nature has decided that June is not the month for summer to arrive, I have finished the Simple and Effective Shawl - ending on 412 stitches.
It is outside drying right now and, thankfully, there is not a single wiff of my cats purse incident. A relief, because I'd hate to see all that work get stuffed down his gullet. I think we may be slowly entering the dress up years (I CANNOT WAIT!) Fenner with her antenna crown, smiling for the camera.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Shawl finished.

just soaking. It is dreamy and perfect for this cold summer. That is all I have to say about the state of summer - if I ignore it, it *will* go away.

I'm not sure why on weeks that work is Full. On' Fenner decides that she **needs** to sleep with me in order to stay alive. With all of the need of a someone who is being starved to death and barely holding on by a thread.

I have hope that at then end of this period of devolution she will have the major skillset to make Mommy a stiff drink.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Warning. Work + Insomnia = Goofy

It's a ridiculous busy week at work this week so the time for posting is short and the attention span is shorter.

Here's a short view of what's it's like to work after Jason has finished bathing Fenner at night. She comes streaking into my office to jump on the pilates ball I sit on at my desk. I turned my web cam to amuse her and this is what we get - Narcissis redux - She spent the next 20 minutes trying to smooch the beautiful baby on the monitor.

I'd be worried except then it became a family affair.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Getting out.

Finally a picture of Fenner's Fairy God Mother that doesn't make either of them look like anything less than their most perfect selves.

When Auntie Coco is around, Fenner sees no one else. Pretty much from the beginnitlyng there has been a kinship that I hope lasts until Fenner is 12 and needs to talk to a woman that is not me about the boy/girl friends that I'm sure I will hate.

Even more importantly I hope Coco comes directly to me to confirm that yes Fenner is using condoms and/or dumping him/her. ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME COCO?!

Until then, there are delightful biking trips to the beach and climbing lessons to be learned.

We went to the playground at the park where I was able to get this fantastic demonstration of the joyous torture the slides are. You will see Fenner's little hairs standing on end at the bottom of the slide she is so charged up. Every time I catch her at the bottom there is a hideous shock waiting for both of us.


It's like Hitchcock and Pavlove hooked up for a couple of pints and Pavlov went to Hitchcock: "You know what would be *really* funny?"

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

2 steps forward and 6 steps back

I've got a lot of really basic meditative projects on the needles. Repetitive simple stitch patterns that I can do while focussing on other things, movies, breathing, keeping my heart beating. You know the ones, projects that I can knit because I'm tired all the time.

A guernsey vest for Jason from the Veronik Avery book, Knitting Classic Style, is one such treat. I've been working on it for going on 6 months here and there. At the same time I'm knitting Bonnie for myself, a shawl, a couple of toys and now that June is here I'm starting the Christmas gifts (I know I know...)

I have a series of randomly generated rules that I follow when I'm knitting on multiple projects - for the guernsey whenever I finish a skein of Heathers 220 I can work on my Bonnie cable sweater. As I finish pieces of the Bonnie I can return to the guernsey. Delays have occurred because of the never ending shawl which I will return to every once in awhile with the intent to finish it and some random birthday gifts made in between.

All this to say it's been awhile. After I reached the requisite 14.5 inches of alternating (impeccable if I may say) moss stitch and welt pattern at the SnB at the Purple Purl - Audra looked up and asked if Jason had gained weight....which of course flipped the light switch that maybe I should take another measure. Luckily Lisa had her camera so the moment could be documented....This is a 49" swatch. I had been aiming for 40" on the outside so he could wear a fleece or thermal long sleeve shirt underneath hit, a look I find incredibly sexy. Jason is a big man but since becoming a parent has dropped close to 30 lbs (I wonder if Fenner's a runner?).

Keri was nice enough to give me a new knitters lesson in swatching in which we learn that my swatch at the beginning of the project, was in fact a big fat lying liar.
There was great discussion about repurposing the swatch to make a stole (note that the fabric is folded in have on Joyce in this picture. We debated steeking which made me sweat.

In the end I made the executive decision.
3 skeins (I had spit spliced them) in one ginormous ball of swatch lies.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Well, that was good for the heart and soul

Sunny weekend and the first in a month that we were in town.

We spent Saturday hanging with Fenner's Fairy Godmother, gardening, and leisurely drinking coffee through Leslieville. Check out Ed's Real Scoop - Glory of Glories thank god it wasn't open while I was pregnant.
We went to the High Park Zoo where we saw Wallabees. If someone could help me understand why the Flyer (female) was relegated to the crappy smaller cage with her Joey while the Boomer(I assume the male because that's the kind of institutionalized mysogyny I've been raised to expect) sat in the enormous landscaped green beautiful estate napping in a HUGE cave like space. Jason would appreciate any evidence for a scientific reason for this.

Honestly, I can't understand J isn't enraged since these male stereotypes chafe him daily.

The High Park Zoo was quickly relegated to the list of topics of non-discussion along with such retardation as TLC - Birth Stories and Fox News.

Other than the wallabees it was a spectacular day, the sun shone the whole time and the second we got hot a cool breeze came to make life more comfortable. Mother Nature was a real peach and a half the whole weekend. Jason got to scratch a climbing itch.
Fenner got to stalk ducks! Which sounds remarkable like another word we're expecting any day now.
Mini - FDR here singin' the blues during a forced confinement (pre-nap)
I just love how edible these cheeks are. All said and done the past weekend really helped to get the stink off of us from the previous week. I even managed to go out and get into trouble with the ladies of Highfield - dancing and carrousing.
It was enough to distract me from the fact that my cat in what I'm choosing to think was a misguided act of loyalty peed in the purse that housed The Knitting I'm striving to complete - in fact, there was pee nowhere else but inside my purse...I'm sure he was simply expressing unity. Right?