Monday, May 25, 2009

Welcome to the Dandelion Patch.

Spent the weekend in Smith's Falls last weekend. It was so warm that Gramma and Granpa Gemmill cracked out Fenner's Splash Pad and Water Emporium to the great delight of the little Miss.
It took her all of 5 minutes to get used to the icy cold water and proceed to run amok through the fountains. Figuring how to put the ring toss rings on the palm tree and to use the bicycle pump to spray anyone who would come within a 2 metre radius.

It was a hot day but there is something in the genetic makeup of kids that allows them to play in the icy waters without going hyperthermic. When my family moved from British Columbia to New Brunswick we camped the whole way.

I'm not sure how we all survived to enjoy camping or how my folks are as sane as they are now. Dad insists that while we were driving through Ontario he used to take us all to Lake Superior and watch us swim ourselves exhausted in the frigid water so that he and Mom could have some quiet time.

The energy it took to keep our core temperature above hyperthermic in that water ensured no energy for squabbling and a full night sleep for everyone.

Sure enough, after playing for 2 hours in the spring sun, Fenner was asleep before we'd been in the car for 5 minutes on the way home.

Stomping Dandelions in fine Bloom County fashion.

A great weekend knitting, drinking wine and visiting. Always worth playing catch up on Monday for it.


David said...

Grandma and Grandpa Gemmel sure know how to pick the right toys for Fenner!!!
Aunt Sally

Carol said...

Perfect! Cold water tuckering out the little one seems like a good thing to me.