Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Perils of working from home.

This morning our neighbour Eva came over with Ella to pick Debbers and Fenner up for a music store adventures. I was upstairs working when I heard Ella walk in and Fenner squeal with delight. The proceeded to run back and forth squealing at each other for the next 30 minutes.

I had to come down to witness the fun. Ella was dress like a French Revolutionary and Fenner the bombs expert today. I love it.
This house was gifted to us from my brother's family and Fenner loves to play in it with whoever is around - Ella needed as much coersion as Grandpa Hendriks here did.


Erin said...

1. most adorable Grandpa/Fenner picture
2. you are totally your father's daughter. now I know where you get the tan

Elizabeth said...

You might your father's daughter but Fenner is definitely her father's daughter!
Aunty Liz