Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good neighbours gotcher back yo.

I'm not sure how we lucked out on moving to this particular street. Not only is chock full of kids around the same age but it's full of parents who share similar styles of parenting. Specifically, folks who are the parental equivalent of the political spectrum. Left through to right. The only thing we all agree on is that wine and beer are mana from heaven.

Normally, we would never be caught dead in the same parenting groups but on this street the tolerance runs deep. We all look after each other and each others children when needed. Date nights, nursing shifts, first days of work or just having a couple of hours in the house alone to get things done.

It's a good deal. Eva and Nancy will often take care of each other's kids to facilitate life and Fenner reaps the benefits. Since Eva and Debbers are actually in love they often play all day and as such the three little beasties are quite the pod.

Debra sent this picture to me today with the heading "Free grazing babies" - to which I replied - Delicious!

Another neighbourhood beasty is turning one tomorrow and I have to finish her gift or her mom will feed me a warm beer at the party. Can you IMAGINE the horror????

This post has been brought to you by my inner medicated desperate housewife.


Anonymous said...


a week of posts brighten up my week


Elizabeth said...

I want to munch on those babies.