Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bending the space/time continuum

I finished these socks on Thursday, plain old socks, Sock That Rock Lightweight - colourway hiding in my stack of paper. I love the colours that are not represented well in this picture - they are so vivd. I remember starting them before Christmas - November maybe? At best it's taken me 5 months to knit them and at worst, I fear, 6 months.

Am dwelling on these numbers because I have a baby shower coming up on Saturday that I was thinking about knitting a Baby Surprise Jacket for. It all seemed so very doable when I cast it on and finished the first couple of rows on Saturday. I did a very scientific poll of my professional knitters and it was 2 (No fucking ways) vs 1 historically ambitious (Of course you can - it's all garter!).

It wasn't until I put these socks on my feet that I thought...hmm...maybe it's ambitious, maybe it's unlikely...but (I checked my schedule this week) I have NO PLANS THAT CANNOT BE KNIT THROUGH. Yoga on Wednesday is the exception.

It's on Bitches....well it was until I realized that somehow I didn't count the number of stitches I cast on that first time and then decreased incorrectly the second time. But I just finished row three and, OH - IT'S ON again!

It was a beautiful Sunday here in TDot. We met our friends Zoe and Joyce in the park for some crazy climbing time (during which I did not knit but took bad sock pictures). We biked down and then I walked the kids over to the Purl for a cuppa joe and yarn fondling. These kids are too cute. I could eat them.... Speaking of eating, we received a message from his holiness tonight. Lil Pig indeed! SHE'S BEEN CHOSEN YO!

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