Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Surprise Redux

A few weeks ago I embarked on a time driven project. I was feeling punchy from deadline driven projects at work and in life and decided to bite the bullet -Baby Surprise Jacket, cast on Sunday night May 4th for a baby shower on Saturday, May 9th.

This is my fourth or fifth BSG and I love it more and more. I knit this puppy out of some Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn after seeing Jen's sample at the Purl.

Traditionally, I have a heinous time counting the requisite 160 stitch cast on and this time was no different. By Sunday night, after 3 attempts, I had successfully cast on and marked the appropriate decrease stitches. Monday morning I had 3 rows completed.

Tuesday morning - the decreases were completed: First goal complete.
Tuesday night Fenner decided that independant play thing that I love about her - the thing that allows me to talk to my family, knit, spin and generally be a dimensional human being. She also gave up letting Jason put her to sleep in favour of me (which puts me to sleep).

Anyway all things considered I knit when I could which was much less that it would have been had Fenner not being growth spurting all over me.

By 1 hour after the baby shower on Saturday I had a fully knit BSG.
By Sunday, it was lightly felted and soft as a dream. I may have found the best way to love Kureyon - felted but buttonless. So close but yet so far.This weekend's goal is to finish my Simple Yet Effective Shawl and the back of my Bonnie sweater on the drive to and from Smith's Falls this weekend. If I can do those I'll have a new sweater just in time for the heat of the summer.

Fenner and her friend River, hangin'. They look vaguely threatening here - even the bershon teens next door were uncomfortable.

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