Thursday, April 23, 2009

Momma likes her hyberbolic geometry.

New month new life! Take it fates! Fuck the fatigue! Fight the power!

I'm going to yoga tonight, granted it's restorative to the point that I'm in a coma.

Last time I did the class the instructor actually told us we needed 4 pillows and then proceeded to instruct us on how to lie on them in different ways. It was divine.

Speaking of divine. This clip hypnotizes me. Next up - knitting. Just you wait. There are organs.


rams said...

Saw a tee shirt: "I'm just here for the Savasana"

So glad you're back.

Carol said...

yoga with pillows. Sounds great!

Dr. Steph said...

I saw you going to Yoga. I was picking up Emma at Joy of Dance and you were at the corner with your purple sweater coat on!