Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I make pretty.

An update on my Fleecerly expotitions. Part of my NY resolutions was to rent the Lettuce Knit dye studio once a month and play around with colour. You see I have a lot of fleece left over (re: untouched) from an incident at the Royal Winter Fair a couple years back. My goal is to dye one batt a month, spin that dyelot the next month and knit it in the third month. So far I'm on target.

Up until about 2 weeks ago this 3lbs of Romni was in a tightly packed box from Wellington Fibres awaiting a hot date.
This is a lot of fleece. I am very very excited but the potential of it all. For my first date with myself I brought 3 of these batts.....for 3 hours and dyed one of them. Next time I'll prep the batt before getting to the studio so I can get right into the dying.
My first hand painted colourways as inspired by whatever was mixed up in the studio and me throwing some colours on some wet wool - no science.
Here are the greens together in some light after drying. I may have been hankering for some spring. There is yet one more blue that is getting spun right now.
God what a crappy picture....sigh. I promise there will be a prettier one of the singles any time now.

Until then - revel in the ballet dancers. I love that Fenner is "WTF'ing" me, it's what I imagine of what life will be like with a teenager full of bershon .


Michelle said...

Heh heh

Anonymous said...

so THANKS for introducing me to Bershon. I had no idea. It is bang on true and I'm glad someone coined a term for it. Makes me laugh!! And yes be afraid, be very afraid!

Dr. Steph said...

I have a ten-year-old and now I have a name for that face. Bershon is the look I get when I suggest the wearing of a raincoat when it's raining. The look I get when I suggest she shower when's she's stinky and the look I get when I tell her that a 10 year old doesn't need a cell phone.

I love her at 10, but looking at your ballet photo, I miss her at 1ish.

eva said...

dear god woman, you are both inspiring and intimidating in the area of fiber arts. impressive.

Lise said...

Har. My sister was Bershon from the time she hit puberty until... well, she still is. Eye rolling and all.
Fenner with 'tude. I love it!

alyson said...

Forget the attitude - I just love the fact that I have seen you wearing a tutu.