Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Further adventures of Nanny Debbers and the F-Bomb

Debra was so kind as to deliver the most recent spate of photographic evidence of their daily adventures yesterday and I have to say. I'm SHOCKED to see how much my little beast has grown in all ways.

They've been going to birthday parties. Where Fenner has really developed the indie spirit. I've seen this a couple of times - she likes to go but it takes her awhile to engage with the chaos. It's not until she's checked out the environment and found the bigger spaces that she's willing to start to play. Debra texted me this picture from Ivy's party.
Something new that's started to happen is Fenner's need for sit down independant time. Books are especially good for this but she's starting to play with her stuffed animals and toys as well. A few nights ago I was cooking dinner and realized that things had been too quiet for too long and when I went into the living room she had wrapped up a penguin in her blanket and was rocking it.

Very much what her dad does every night with her, much plotzing ensued.We have a small pantry off of the kitchen that J painted with chalkboard paint. It is a source of hours of entertainment for everyone and it is through the chalkboard that Debra and J have their only contact - both being quite brilliant artists
We've settled into a lovely routine that involves breakfast and bonding at home before the intrepid duo head to the local drop in centre where Fenner has her special friends. I love seeing her develop relationships with neighbourhood kids. Ella here is from down the street and is but a few days older than Fenner - they amok as a duo.And the newest addition to the neighborhood Zoe ! You may remember her as one of the Tri-umvirate of Adorable! I wonder how this will develop? Aren't you just so curious?

"What's that? The project is coming in underbudget and ahead of time???? Why yes I do watch my mother at home." This picture vaguely depresses me. But then I think....maybe she's holding down a day job, to pay for art school. Working to live instead of living to work.
It's a great example of the mimicry that's coming out now - I'm trying desperately to exorcize my lumberjack vocabulary. It's adorable in it's futility.
She's doing a lot of painting right now and arts and crafts hold her attention for longer and longer.
I too have a couple of arts and crafts to show for this month. The Swirls Hat from Fibre Trends
was one of my February goals (all of which are coming along nicely thankyouverymuch)
This is a yoke sweater from Ann Budd's awesome book, the knitters hand book of sweater patterns. The yarn is a STR silk/wool blend that was gifted to me tagless from a very generous friend who handed it to me and said there is more than enough for a kids sweater before dashing away.
It's just beautiful - the way the blue glows against the green and yellows. My only complaint is that when she wears this sweater she looks all grown up, it's eery.

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Lise said...

Ha. I hope you have a boy next time. Boys spend NO time doing contemplative, self-directed play. They are either beating something/one or whining for mommy to play.

Har. The vocab is a problem. I freaked out when Calvin told be he know what the N-word was. Turns out it was only NO, but still. He has mastered the use of the work fuck, much to my chagrin.

Where are you???? I never see you anymore, sob.