Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First time for everything

I got sick and tired of winter showing me what it's like to be in the joint. We had a lot of guests last weekend which meant a lot of inside time. On Sunday morning we decided to get some air while we could. It meant going without coffee which is why I look like I'm in severe pain
But it was so worth it. First tobaggan run.


First face plant in the snow. She left a perfect print of her visage in the snow. Poor bean!


canknitian said...

Fenner's squeals are priceless! Glad you all had fun in the snow.

Lise said...

Wasn't it the best tobogganing day ever? Calvin went over a jump, caught some serious air and landed face first on the hard-pack... and he's the cautious one. Glory days!

Meg said...

Love it! How in the hell is Fenner looking so grown-up all of a sudden. Slow down missy!

Krista said...

Whoah- I'm totally with Meg on her comment. Fenner is all grown up! Wow.