Monday, January 19, 2009

Profile of a serial flu bug

2:00 am Saturday morning: Fenner begins to throw up the remains of a chicken dumpling and her avocado sushi roll from dinner. Is in such good humour I think that it must have been bad chicken.

8:30 am Saturday morning: The vomiting has stopped but Mt Poosuvius has erupted and looks much like the foam on a cappuchino and smells like Ashbridges Bay up close and personal. Her humour is still impeccable and is showing no signs of feeling sick at all.

J goes to rehearsal and I go to the Lettuce Knit Dye Studio - have made pretty colours (original post for tonight)

10:00 pm Saturday: J is doing a show so Fenner and I hunker down in bed - I have my laptop, knitting, book and am looking forward to a night of chillaxing in bed. Fenner is a bit restless before power puking all over the bed. Is no longer in good humour and I manage to change the bed one handed only stepping in barfy sheets 3 times.

10:00pm through to 11:00am Sunday: Mt Poosuvius continues it's reign of terror over our lives.

2:00 pm Sunday: After waking up from a coma like nap we go for a walk in order to prevent committing deeds previously thought to be impossible.

6:00 pm - 6:08 pm: J goes from looking like a human being to being the same colour shade of something Linda Blair produced.

8:30 pm: I experience the complete romance of listeneing to Jason violently tossing his cookies over the baby monitor-I feel overwhelming relief that it is into the toilet that he is tossing them.

10:00pm: Fenner throws up again out of left field just to keep us on our toes. Onto the last set of clean sheets and me.

10:15 pm: Jason tries to help me change the bed and proceeds to make himself sick again - though he only stepped in the barfy sheets once.

10:30 pm: I bring my laptop to bed with me and the sickos to try and get work done...the sneaking suspicion that I have about 3 hours left before my festering flu rears it's head.

Tick tock tick tock.


canknitian said...

Eek! Hope you're able to battle the bug without being sick yourself.

Big hug,

EliCa said...

Start taig the vitaminC post haste.
Not gonna prevent it but will shorten it (cross fingers).
Good luck!

Craftygrrrl said...

I laugh only because I feel your pain.

Abi came down with Norwalk on a Friday night and by Saturday afternoon Chris had found God in the Tub as he hurled his cookies into it while sitting on the loo. I held his hair...That right there is a sign that our Love is one for the Ages!

When I went down at 5 we had to call in reinforcements, unfortunately the only one who could come in was the MIL...

If you need a BRAT run, feel free to give me a ring.

Andrea said...

I'm not sure if I feel good or bad knowing that I have had that identical experience.
Stay clean!

Pickyknitter said...

Bless you for posting in good humor! Who would have thought that an ill child could make me giggle so? "Mt Poosuvius" heh heh

Yvette said...

I remember similar good times! It's the quality family time that brings you closer together.
Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

jen your parents had a few nites like that, can only see the humour later, much later

Lise said...

Is it wrong to laugh so hard at your predicament? I pray to the gods on Mt Poosuvius you did not succumb...