Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Amazing Adventures of Nanny Debbers and the F-Bomb.

Meet Nanny Debbers and the F-Bomb. I get picture messages throughout the day of all their Amazing Adventures. Looking streetwise and tough - fighting for the underdawgs yo!
The local Drop In Centre. Sometimes the pictures make me so jealous sometimes I take a coffee break and go play. I have to work late those nights but it's always worth it.
Mild mannered student of human nature.
Museum Curator.
Darwin student.

These ferocious polar bears were planning on having the human equivalent of veal for lunch but Fenner charmed them into having a romp instead.
and, like her Mom, Eater extraordinaire.
Have I mentioned how much I love Debra and having Fenner at home?! IT'S AWESOME.