Monday, November 24, 2008

Warm at last! She's warm at last!!

My most recent finished object is this pair of Baby Snugs for the beast. I bought the kit at Lettuce Knit . Our house is cold and drafty - my feet are always cold so I was nervous about Fenner's little kibbies. I enlisted the help of Debra, Fenner's babysitter, during naptime to felt the little beasts - Debra loves felting a little too much and I took full advantage.
The recipe was clear and concise and the kit had everything I needed. My only criticism is that the yarn wasn't colour fast so when we felted them they turned a brilliant shade of orange.
These are alpaca lined and super warm.
They fit her like a dream and she ran amok all night wearing them
Now, the more astute of you might think to yourselves that this is just a cunning way for me to discourage stair climbing by making footwear that is deadly on wooden floors and stairs. Alas, even I am not so dedicated to stumping her development.
Leather footpads to prevent slippage and they work!They look so comfy I may just have to make myself a pair.

Some gratuitous pictures for family far and wide. Fenner and her favourite cow.

Small girl in first snow.


tapeheads said...

They look great but do they stay on? I've got a kit somewhere in the pile of boxes that I want to get started on, but the girl, she hates footwear. I'm thinking about crazy glueing her slippers on to her feet.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you! Totally adorable!
Aunty Liz

aviva said...

What a beauty (Fenner, I mean, though the socks are fabulous too)

David said...

Love it!!!!! and her massively.
Jen you are so darned creative.
Aunt Sally