Sunday, November 02, 2008

Open House

When we bought our house I had visions of friends and family coming and going, eating and drinking, staying up too late drinking wine some nights and going to bed early after chatting in our living room other nights.

Up until two weeks ago, I believed that these visions fall into the world of fantasy for in them no one drinks too much, stays too long, our fridge always has the perfect food for omnivores and vegetarians, there are no awkward silences and I always win in Scrabble.

Until two weeks ago, we'd had family come to visit which is ALWAYS perfect don't get me wrong. THE MORE THE MERRIER.

But then last week, proffering home made marshmellows from San Fran, our friend Principal Blackman came to visit, my sister, Liz, dropped by for an enjoyable evening on her way through from Montreal and Fenner came home with a babysitter.

The house is full with all sorts of people J and I love to play, drink and eat with.

There are details but I am at the end of my writing time at the end of a day. This is a new challenge so I expect my writing quality to be suboptimal until I can adjust to the time limit and practise of daily.

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