Sunday, November 16, 2008

Naughty and Nice

I promised a more in depth post about a dress Fenner was wearing a couple weeks ago. An unfortunate side effect of having a mother who *hates* shopping and feel, quite seriously, that dresses from young girls are the very definition of how the 'man' keeps us down. She can't run amok because she trips on hems, when she falls down she can't get up because the hem is under her shoes - generally nothing but frustration.

Those dresses that she does have are handmade family heirlooms and are brought out for occasions where I think she'll generally be in the carrier for.

My friend Lise made Fenner a dress for her birthday and it has changed my view of how pretty dresses can be. Pardon my terminology as I'm not a seamstress (yet) - It's an A-Line dress (I think) and the bottom is so wide that it *never* gets in the way. It looks great over a pair of jeans and a turtle neck and it's big enough that she'll be wearing it for a full year.
Reversible and Spectacular. Lise bought the fabric on Etsy (I'm not sure which shop? Lise?) .

and Nice (Michael Miller)
Just in case you can't see the detailing on the naughty fabric.
This is my favourite item of clothing to dress Fenner in right now and it causes a ruckus everywhere we go. It is truly absolutely fabulous.


meg said...

OOooooooooh!!! I love it!

Thank god Jason seems to like shopping, otherwise the poor child would probably be naked ;)

Anonymous said...

Again, I see the little mohawk!

rams said...

And here I sit knitting Dr. Steph's skull scarf...Arrr.

Lise said...

Yeah, I guess you'd call it A-line. The MM fabric was fron Tliss on Etsy, the knit skulls from somewhere on Ebay.

I am so delighted it was a success! I don't sew for just anyone, you know... just the most adorable baby (and mom) in the world.