Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Control of her world

This is simply impossible - the daily blogging business can bite me. That being said I have a seed of a post for every day this past week so at least I've started keeping my scattered thoughts in a semi-coherant way.

We're into week two of Fenner being home full time again AND I LOVE IT. Our friend Debra comes by and goes on adventures with Fenner in the morning. Today they're at the Royal Winter Fair (JEALOUS) and thanks to the joys of modern technology I get texts and pictures throughout their adventures (AWESOME)

Then we all have lunch together and either Debra walks Fenner to sleep in the afternoon or she and I (Fenner that is) lie down and have quiet time until she sleeps.

She never slept at daycare. You see we co-sleep so she needs to be held to fall asleep and they just couldn't do it at daycare but Debra can and Fenner is turning into an amazing little beast with all that rest and happy time.
We have an awesome drop in centre in our neighbourhood and more often than not Debra and the F-Bomb (sounds like a superhero duo) go to play in the morning. Fenner runs around like a beast with a purpose, moving all sorts of heavy fun, large toys. One of my neighbourhood Mom-Friends commented that she "is in control of her world" (Hi Eva!)

What a great way of describing a baby turning into a kid.
My knitting right now is all about winter apparel for us. Well mostly her and slowly for me and some thoughts for Jason but it's all so slow.
Here's a picture of us in our new Mama Poncho that our friend Annalise inspired us to pick up. It's awesome - We just need to wear a pullover underneath it to stay warm, I can take it off in seconds when we get inside to prevent over heating and her hatred of mitts can bite me because she puts her hands in my armpits like a smart little bean.
Life is great right now.
Also, this is old news but Christine Fellows, The Spinster's Almanac is striking the right chord with me right now, as is rapini with lemon and garlic. What does this say about me right now? Don't answer that....


Erin said...

seriously heart that album. saw her live twice last year and once this, pretty awesome:)

Aunty Liz from the West side said...

Fenner looks like she's growing in a mohowk in the first picture (with the hula hoops). Is she skipping pig tails and going straight to post modern fem lit?

Good outfit too. Aunty Liz approves!

meg said...

I love the picture of the two of you!!! Sounds like life is falling into a nice pattern for all of you. Listen to your mamma-head and obey :)

Lise said...

You are so lucky to have found a solution so perfect for you, Fenner and Deb. It sounds awesome, and Fenner sure isn't suffering!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn,

What pattern is she wearing in the gym pictures... I just need to make that for my niece it's too cute with jeans.

eva said...

Sweet! A blog shout-out!

You rule.

Awesome seeing you at lunch today, I can't wait to get together so you can bestow some of your knitting genius on me!