Sunday, October 26, 2008

One year.

On Saturday we celebrated this moment. It's truly awesome to me that this moment and every moment following it has made me feel like a complete and utter superheroine. She is the most amazing little person that I have had the honour to meet.
I got lost last week in the anniversary of what came before *that* moment. It was a bad week then and a bad week now but oh, *that* moment. No one tells you that when you embark on this adventure. That this little person will change your foundation and shift your view of the world in an irrevocable way.

They don't say to you that no matter how your birth and parenting stories unfold, the little person coming to your life, is coming to turn your life upsidedown.

This person will give what you thought was a full and rich life, depth. This person will give the most banal events of living like hiccups and yawning a magical newness that will bewitch you through the worst winters in the last decade.
Then pee all over the only suit that fits your post-partum body 10 minutes before you have to leave for the first work conference in months.

There is no one else that you want to hold closer as their pee dribbles down the front of your grey silk suit.

I just never knew motherhood would be wanting to snuggle someone after they just peed on me.

**There will be more on this dress later.

Monday, October 13, 2008

That time of year.

My favourite weekend of the year. Thanksgiving.
We gave thanks for how great it all is.My Mother passed on all the dresses that my Mimi made for my sisters and I. My Mimi is a woman of many talents that didn't regard them as art forms. Sewing and smocking being just two of them.
The weather was spectacular.
My brilliant, gracious and wise niece and I had our annual Thanksgiving walk which she generously shared with Fenner and Jason.
We had the added pleasure of the company of our California cousins Kayla, Jacob and Heather. For all the quiet moments with family.