Friday, September 26, 2008

Just buttons way from FO

This sweater "Sam" from Mission Falls, Wee Knits is missing only buttons before I send it off to keep a friend's new bun warm in the New York winter.

Fenner was nice enough to model it even though she was tired from waking up at 5:30am bless her heart. She may have been tired from coughing so hard she threw up spaghetti all over me.

Poor bun is doing better now but it was a rough night.

Am proud to have finished something as I've been suffering from a killer case of startitis. Eventually you will see some spectacular finished objects, one of which involves a lace pattern written in DANISH.

Did you know an umf is a row?


Craftygrrrl said...

Cute sweater!

Hope Fenner feels better!

And I can see why you married Jay...

Not An Artist said...

Adorable sweater! I still owe you a photoshoot, don't I? Let me know when you want to do it... at this point weeknights are better but let me know what works for you. Maybe Fenner can wear this super cute knitwear for her moment in the spotlight :)

Aunty Meg said...

Poor Fenner... and poor you! Baby barfing scares me, I hate it!

Why are you not keeping that cute lil sweater and hat, she looks adorable!

Olan is loving watching Fenner with her new walk... I think that he imagines she's walking towards him for a big snuggle :)

coygrrrl said...

I know I'll come across as a crazy blog stalker, but I've been reading your blog for a while now and really enjoy it. I love that gorgeous sweater you made. is there anyway you could point me towards the pattern?