Monday, September 08, 2008

I think I blacked out.

It's been a ridiculous ridiculous month. I can barely feel my legs, more on that later.

Tour de Fleece can eat my shorts! I know it's late to post but I swear on all that is woolly I finished spinning my prepped stash and had it skeined by 11:45 on the last night.

Mystery Fibre from Wellington Fibre purchased at this year's Knitter's Frolic. It is destined to become a toque and moebius scarf for Fenner's first winter as a kid not a newborn.
More toques! The pink is merino fibre artist ends from various thrummed mitten kits - I blended it and spun it to singles when I was still preggers with Fenner and the green yarn is something from my pre baby I can't even remember - I think I got it at the Frolic last year and probably from the Black Lamb.
What's this? A finished object yo'. The pattern is Sheldon from Knitty but this little dude is called Ray-Jay as per his friend Olan's wish. Smart kid that one.
This is Ray-Jay in the beautiful kitchen one of my wonderful Haligonian families. We were out east for a week in August. More on that one point.
Fenner has 4 teeth, walked 5 steps without us holding her, loves playing her pots and is enjoying playing her little upright piano.

Live is too busy.


rams said...

Well, at least you're okay. I didn't doubt, but spotting Fenner modeling someone else's waffle-weave sweater was teasing. How's the day care going? (Sorry -- till my eldest quits talking about a baby and starts some serious gestation, you're stuck.)

aviva said...

walked 4 steps! yay fenner!

meg said...

You would not believe how well loved Ray-Jay is. He must go everywhere with Olan... to bed, in the car, wherever we go. He's caused quite a stir at daycare too, there are many little children in Halifax who wish that their cottage auntie had made them a Ray-Jay.

It was so good to see you guys!

Samantha said...

Yay! There you are! :)

Jay-Ray is so cute. Tell Fenner to stop growing so fast. I tell Ethan that too (he now refuses to crawl, but rather likes to walk) but he's not listening.