Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby gots cheese.

When a girl publishes this irregularly you have to expect big, picture heavy bits. Jason and Fenner are out for a walk so I can have a bit of alone time that isn't my day job.

I was inspired by this woman's efforts to fundraise and joined a team of coworkers, one of whom has had far too much experience surviving this disease.

J and Fenner met me at kilometres 21 and again at 59. This was about 15 minutes after I had to express in a portapotty because my knockers were so engorged - the irony was not lost. I slung her up and we walked and she snacked and was a huge hit for all the walkers behind and ahead of us. The first day of the walk was sunny and manageable.

Like knitting - the last third of the project was a struggle. The second day was rainy and cold until about 500 m from the finish line. The organizers of the Weekend to End Breast Cancer don't release the route and on day 2 Jason and I had a hard time finding each other. It's my biggest complaint about an otherwise incredibly well run event.

I love the challenge of it. 60km (37.2 miles) in two days - even if you're in good shape you are going to feel it. My sister and her partner moved to British Columbia the rest of this month was spent painting our main floor and trying to buy some furniture. We threw a raucous going away party. Fenner is so in love with her cousins.
and as it turns out with Oka cheese! She may look like Jason but the cheese love is all me baby.
She's been giving affection freely these days - hugs and kisses for everyone. Jacquie made her this adorable stuffed bear when she was way too wee to play and now we bring him most places for her to play with.
and finally, courteousy of Jason. At first it was once in a blue moon she would take a few steps. Now it's every day starting on Liz's last day here she walked from one side of our small living room to the other - as if to say "Auntie Liz, do you see what you'll be missing if you move to the other side of the country?"



charlotta said...

i can't see the video and i want tooooooo

jacquieblackman said...

Your post brought a serious tear to my eye. Seeing Fenner toddle around. And her giving some love to that bear. Totally awesome. Heeee!

And yes, lady, I'm coming to visit! Things have been too crazy here and I've not been able to come up for air. But I need to. If anything, for my sanity! So I'm arriving Oct 30th and leaving November 6th. And I CAN'T WAIT.

Aunty Meg said...

I love it all! So good to see some more baby Fenner, though with all that prancing around Olan won't be able to call her baby much longer!

Well worth the wait!

Aunty Liz said...

The guilt, the guilt is killing me! Don't worry Fenner, I'll be home soon to see all your tricks!

Dr. Steph said...

OMG I love the wobbly walk! My ovaries are screaming right now!