Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stage Six: 2008 Tour de Fleece

We've just gotten home from the first real summer cottage weekend at the cottage. Glorious.

Tour de Fleece news: Have Navajo plied all singles on premises, I have enough for children's tuques for this winter. The pink stuff is much more subtle in real life - I spent a lot of time blending and spinning it waiting for my bun to arrive. I give myself the Yellow Jersey on this one because I did the muted green skein while feeding and putting Fenner to sleep.

I am woman hear me roar.
Stage Seven: Spin and ply box of fluff purchased at the Knitters Frolic this year. I have 3/4 of bobbin done. Fenner is irresistably attracted to this fluff so the spinning of it is for the nighttime - if I can get up after she falls asleep. This is my original goal. If I can do this, I have a secondary goal waiting in the wings. 3lbs of Romni needing dyeing.
I still knit and here is proof: a finished pair of socks. I have shawls on the needles (more on that later) as well as a couple of 'almost done' projects that I'm quite excited about.
We were up North at our cottage this weekend for the first time since cottage opening. It was much warmer then in the spring. I took Fenner swimming in the lake FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. The turtle method is what we opted for as the water was still pretty cold. Fenner road on my belly as I kicked around.
She was very brave.
Then very tired. She slept for almost two hours on the dock rocking with the waves.
Very tired and edible Bun.

We don't often use a playpen but she really enjoyed being outside in it. She was able to stand and crawl and fall down without being hurt. After a few hours of being held she really needs her freedom and this let's her have it.

She is so funny.

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Craftygrrrl said...

I love it when Littles mash their faces up against something and then lick it. Abi did that once on a window and we were all laughing so hard we couldn't get a decent photo!

I'm going to try some natural dyeing once I've spun up the rest of my Shetland and you and Fenner are more than welcome to come over and join us.

Juno said...

I want to nap on a water-rocked dock by a lake. It sounds like the best thing ever, far better than a weekend spent with the a power drill in one hand and the vacuum in the other. (Although that has its satisfactions as well).

Hi Fenner!

(if this is a dup, apologies. Computer did some kind of weird thing and stole my first attempt. I have a feeling it will be back)

mjm knitting said...


Oh and great work on the spinning and plying. Very pretty colours.

Oh Baby! said...

re: video clip --> can a daughter be anymore like her mother?! i think NOT!

denny still likes to lick.... icecream said...

hey f. their going to keep this and show it to you later.

I'm warning you, those parents of yours........crazy.