Thursday, June 05, 2008

Who have I become?

Every once in awhile I go with Jason and Fenner in the middle of the work day for a short walk - they are usually heading to a neighborhood drop in and I need to get some air. Last week on my way back from such a walk I passed the Rogue Gallery which had a complete dish set for eight. Including tea service and serving platters.

I woke up 30 minutes later with the entire set and I love them. I thought the rose colour would drive me crazy but I only love them more every day. I found myself gazing at this today. Who have I become?
I picked up rug hooking a couple of months ago and recently finished my first piece - Spring. I started it during the last snowstorm and finished it about a month ago. I used my very first handspun as the dark green grass, some of the spring flowers are from bits of yarn Denny used to wrap a cashmerey gift for me and the tree is of Mission Falls Cotton left overs from a blanket that Miko made Fenner.

I love this new habit which makes me wonder how long it will be before I am transformed into a crazy folkie hippie with a rose dishset?
Fenner is now pulling herself up to standing. A habit that I fully disapprove of and is now causing us to have to pay even more attention to her. She continues to adore eating and laughing. She has also developed a great habit of letting her tongue hang out all day long. It's adorable the way that only a mother could consider it adorable.
When Fenner was just a mini I would always bathe with her but now that she's all grown up and sitting we don't hang in the water so much since she loves going indie. Though it might also be because I just like to pile stuff on her head to help me imagine what she might look like if she grew hair.