Thursday, May 08, 2008

Taking a minute to enjoy the little things.

Just to take a break from the healing process - as if we needed another reason to love Tom Waits.


Yvette said...

Happy Mother's Day Jen.

Grace said...

I miss reading your blog. Fenner is growing so quickly and is such a cutie. I'm sorry to hear about your birth nightmare. My first son (who's 32) was a birth-nightmare as well. My doctor (who was as old as Methuselah) insisted that my waters had broken after I was in labour. After being bedridden for 36 hours my son was delivered by c-section. Nearly 6 years later I had a daughter who was born by c-section. When I told my doctor that I was going to get a second opinion when he told me that I was going to need another c-section after telling me that I could have a vaginal birth, I was told that I needed a psychiatrist so I quietly gave in.... and have been regretting not being more aggressive about having a vaginal delivery (like you were). I never felt that my son was my child since I didn't meet him until he was about 12 hours old. My daughter and I met right after her birth, although I was out during the delivery.
Ahhh, the Canadian medical system! (Or is it a world-wide thing?)