Saturday, May 31, 2008

A crazy mofo of a month

May, a aonth in which life continues in a pace that makes the 4 minute mile looks like a snail's napping pace. This month I attended my first local conference that required me to be out of the house from 6 am to 10 pm. Jason and Fenner met me at a local coffee shop every 3-5 hours for snuggling and snacking.

Monday night J has a writing class and our friends Miko and Cathy looked after Fenner for close to 3.5 hours. Fenner had never been without both J and I for that long before. Miko is a baby whisperer and kept Fenner having fun pretty much the whole time.

We also discovered that Fenner would drink breast milk from a sippy cup providing she was sure I was far far away. This is a freeing development for Jason who proceeded to use this power at Movies for Mommies to watch the new Indiana Jones movie.
I remember the months that leaving the house required layers of layers of clothes for both Fenner and I. This weather makes my head dizzy with the ease of leaving the house. We go out every day after dinner for at least an hour to give J some time to recover from the day - she and I go rollerblading or just walking through the neighborhood.
She is still as bald as bald can be - it's a bit of a hazard if you're not wearing eye protection.
She loooooooves to swing. Not too high right away but man she loves to warm up to height and speed.She's crawling. I have very mixed feelings about this - she looks far too small to be crawling across the room and certainly too small to be crawling towards the stairs and various types wiring. This is a picture of her crawling towards me after loving a skein of Noro silk to the point of purchase. Darn ;c)
We took about 3 weeks off of solid food eating - it was no fun and a lot of work to try and trick her into opening her mouth. The turning point was when she was smiling with her mouth closed at the dinner table so that we wouldn't stick anything in it.
We tried it again last week and she is TOTALLY INTO IT. Opens her mouth for the spoon, leans into the meal and it totally rocks - she eats everything! We eat together at all meals both in the house and out. She'll have a side of avocado when we go out for brunch, pureed sweet potato at Gio Ranna's for dinner, melon, banana, water melon rind. So far there isn't anything that she's rejected.
Hope springs eternal that she's an eater. I loves me a kid that'll eat it all.
Thank you all for your stories, emails and comments. I can't help but feel like maybe these "emergency c-sections" wouldn't be as common as they are if maybe people laid of the 'induction' of women and babies that show absolutely no signs of stress.

One finished object out of a few - The Ostrich Plume Baby Bonnet from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders bought at the Purple Purl, out of a Rowan Cashmere/wool blend that was gifted to me by Amy Singer. The ribbon is from Lettuce Knit. It's far to small for Fenner's large noggin but there is a special new baby for whom this was knit.


rams said...

Child, aren't you on Ravelry? Can't find you... (There's just the odd "Jen" or two...)

Yes, yes, I get that your life is a wee bit booked for the next decade. Get a grip. This isn't about you, it's about me!

meg said...

Oh my GAD, she's just the sweetest thing isn't she?!?

Dr. Steph said...

Sounds like life is good.

Lily said...

Oh so so so excited to meet little Fenner !!