Monday, April 14, 2008

Compulsive Knitting Disorder

Every since I started my life as a working mother, my knitting has slowed down pretty drastically. I still knit every day, but like blogging, I have 3 hours after work and they are spent cooking dinner with Jason and Fenner in our tiny kitchen, breastfeeding the pork bun with no timeline , and doing all of the home things that make our life and even division of labour.

This means that Jason gets time off to write and Fenner and I go for a walk.

Since we bought the house my energy level has skyrocketed. Is it wrong that my major goal is to have all my works in progress off the needle before we leave? Sure, I'll pack (a bit) and change our address (if I remember) but since we dropped the deposit I've been a knitting demon!

The Norwegian Baby Hat and a pair of Max's Springy Ring Socks from Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters Book 1

A baby surprise jacket in Mission Falls Cotton - I suspect it won't fit Fenner until the fall so it's at the Purple Purl as a sample.
Some more sweet Cat Bordhi action in Fleece Artist merino/sea silk colourway "Baadeck" which I bought on our Cape Breton vacation two years ago (!)

Still to finish: Daphne Capelet from Knit Two Together, Plain sock that rock socks, and the damnedable Mystery Stole. What do y'all think? Too ambitious?


Samantha said...

I love the little baby surprise jacket. Its adorable! Your girl is a darling.

charlotte said...

I needed an energy boost at 05:10 am at the end of an extra shift. You are all cutie patuties

TraceyinMichigan said...

just popping in to say hi.. and i'm coming to Toronto for knitters frolic and will be hanging out at Lettuce Knit for the More Big Girls Knit launch....just sayin....