Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brunch with a pro

Thanks for all the congrats on the house. Man, we are *excited* to get out of our current living situation. It's freed up all sorts of energy for us now that the search is done.

My good friend, partner in crime and father of my pork bun is a bit of an introvert. He holds his cards close to his chest and has a very few select close friends. One of these friends is his old roommate and college friend Manel and her husband Denni Russell. They are those friends that we see once every two years and it's like we've seen them every month.

It's especially dramatic since they now have a beautiful 16 monther name Maddy - I guess at this stage our lives change more dramatically a lot less often than it did in our twenties.

We saw them for lunch today and here are a couple of shots that Denni took of the centre of my life right now. Fenner is so in love with other children that she was all sunshine and lollipops the whole time we were there.Handeating: the baby's international sign for "BFF"

This kid kills me every time. Help! I'm being held hostage by these cheeks!


Molly said...

I know eeveryone says it, but really, I swear I just ovulated. You know how I know? I heard a tiny voice going, "Wait, where are they? Where are they? There are supposed to be sperm here! Noooooo!"

Fenner looks gorgeous. And her hair is really coming in---what a great color! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! How can I possible move half way around the world??!?! I know it's half way around the country but it feels like world when I see pictures like that!
Aunty Liz