Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hold on to your Ovaries

This kid actually caused the Easter Bunny to ovulate chocolate eggs. She's that cute. Michelle took this picture on the fly at the Knitty Roundtable last Thursday night. We were at the Purple Purl for our standing weekly Sushi date.
Fenner looks like she's actually asking to be saved from the crazy freak that keeps licking her like a mama cat licks her kittens.
I spent the weekend in the Ottawa Valley getting my ham on with the outlaws. They were glad to see us but had been holding their breaths waiting for The Miss that is Fenner.
Steve is a Gemini who loves to fix his own snowmobile, long walks through the woods on his property and enjoys being completely mushified by his granddaughter as much as possible.
Debbie is a Cancer who loves cooking wild game, long winter walks and spoiling her granddaughter beyond belief.

There was a ton of knitting, red wine, movies and fresh air, Fenner discovered Mission Falls Cotton and I finished a baby sweater, once the attached i-cord is done, there will be pictures.


tapeheads said...

she looks so much like Jason in that bottom picture! Glad you had a good Easter

rams said...

That child is ABSURDly beautiful. Completely implausible. Have pity.