Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hold on to your Ovaries

This kid actually caused the Easter Bunny to ovulate chocolate eggs. She's that cute. Michelle took this picture on the fly at the Knitty Roundtable last Thursday night. We were at the Purple Purl for our standing weekly Sushi date.
Fenner looks like she's actually asking to be saved from the crazy freak that keeps licking her like a mama cat licks her kittens.
I spent the weekend in the Ottawa Valley getting my ham on with the outlaws. They were glad to see us but had been holding their breaths waiting for The Miss that is Fenner.
Steve is a Gemini who loves to fix his own snowmobile, long walks through the woods on his property and enjoys being completely mushified by his granddaughter as much as possible.
Debbie is a Cancer who loves cooking wild game, long winter walks and spoiling her granddaughter beyond belief.

There was a ton of knitting, red wine, movies and fresh air, Fenner discovered Mission Falls Cotton and I finished a baby sweater, once the attached i-cord is done, there will be pictures.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What do mean my sleep savings account is empty?

So in the last week of Fenner's gestation I felt it necessary to buy 1200 yards of Misti Alpaca in a bright pumpkin orange. The plan was to knit a bunting bag in the shape of a pumpkin for Fenner so that when she finally came out I could keep her warm. 1200. Yards.

Have I mentioned that I was certifiable in that last week? Well, 2 weeks ago I finished the Robin Hood Cabled Jacket from Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits for Tots. I am so proud of this finished object I could explode.
When I bought this book I loved this sweater but never thought that I'd be a good enough knitter to make it. I sized it so that it Fenner would fit it in the fall - god knows if she'll outpace it or not but it was worth the risk. It is so soft and heavy, the perfect fall coat. Ehrm. I still have 600 yards of Misti Alpaca left. Not only have I finished the cabled glory that is this sweater but I finished Vino. Started at some point after last years Frolic. 8 Skeins of Dream in Colour. Laura, if you're reading this, well played my friend, well played. I don't think I'm as slim as this picture looks - it's the magic of Vino. Am debating sewing in a zipper - I like using a shawl pin a lot...I'll leave the door open. Now I know y'all are really interested in the action of my needles. But let's be honest. Irony, is an orally fixated baby eating the story about The Hungry Caterpillar. She's taken to dictating. Fenner may be her father's carbon copy but she is my little Napoleon.
Fenner and I trekked over to Lettuce Knit for a Wednesday night knit night. Fenner LOVES other children. Not as much as I do though particularly for a bedtime snack. I spent most of the night with Zoe's comb over nestled nicely in my mouth. DELICIOUS!
Is it even possible for my offspring to look *less* like me? I think not.
Fenner is very discerning about her entertainment - I can't look away when she's in this jumper. She hates the swing, she hates the rocker but man does she dig the Jolly Jumper and Canadian Indie Rock.