Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two Weeks of Work

It's really hard to post when I'm asleep at 8:00 which is a full 1.5 hours after I'm done for the day. That being said I can't express what a luxury it is to be able to breastfeed and snuggle Fenner throughout the day. Jason and her relationship has changed completely and they go on adventures everyday.

She's napping more regularly and is super aware when she's awake.. January was legwarmer knitting as modelled by Fenner. Here's the second pair of legwarmers as modelled by my Mom - check out her bartrick! February has some more complicated knitting for y'all.

We're off to bid on a house tonight so here's some pics to satisfy the Fenner fans (Dad!), cross your fingers and toes for us.

Fingernail clipping incident and another 10 points for me in my race for the worst mother ever award. This was back in early Feb and like a lizard she regrew her finger! Winterlude.
Fenner is gaining ground fast in the battle to make my head explode with adorableness. This was taken AFTER I'd had my daily snack of baby cheeks.
The teddy bear onesy is about to join the "too small" knits pile but we're stuffing her into it to go bid on this house - how could a homeowner NOT sell us house?!


Craftygrrrl said...

Oh good luck!

It was great to see you on Saturday and thanks for coming over!

jacquieblackman said...

OMGsqueeeeeee!!!!! Crossing everything I can for ya, honey!

And sorry we missed you Sunday. We were holed up sick as dogs. When do I get to see you next? Should I stop by your current place with Burger Shoppe in hand??!

Rachel H said...

House! So exciting!

Aunt Martha said...

Oh. Cutting baby finger nails. I break out into a sweat just thinking about it! It's very hard.
Aunt Martha

milotis said...

Good luck with the house bidding! :)

You're not even close to being the worst parent ever. I'll give you some competition. A couple of weeks ago I sent my son to school and school was cancelled. I had no idea. Thankfully the school is close to my house and I discovered it was cancelled about 5 minutes after he left the house, so I caught up to him quickly ... I = dumb. LOL

Have a great day! BTW, your little girl is adorable.

mjm knitting said...

Holy Crappers! Fenner looks so grown up, and it's only been three weeks since I saw her, (and you) last. Best of luck on the house bidding tonight.

Miss you lots


aviva said...

Good luck!! I want details...

Erin said...

I just wanna squish her, Jen!

Jennu said...

Helpful hint with the baby fingernails--my aunt (who's an RN) would bite her baby's nails to cut them. Kinda gross, but no risk of cutting them.