Friday, January 25, 2008

I will never be as pregnant as I was with you Baby.

Fenner hit her three month birthday today and it got me all misty eyed and reminiscent of the week I tried to give birth to her.

This was me 42 Weeks and 4 Days. I look a lot more sane than I was at the time - I refer to the last week of her gestation as "My time in the Deep End." Things got exponentionally less chipper with each passing hour but that's a story for another day and a stronger drink.When Fenner was 2 days old she met her Auntie Carolyn, her Godmother and my oldest friend. Jason, Fenner and I were out for an impromptu dinner just last week with Carolyn and another friend Melissa. In the middle of dinner I wondered if I was, in fact, eating like Cookie Monster, because that's what it feels like eating in public with a baby during arsenic hour.
For all the opinons that Fenner likes to express she is still one of the laughingest babies I've ever met. You just have to earn it - she's not one to throw her love around easily. Comedy gold or the door.
At 7 weeks she discovered her fish mobile and man did she dig it. Those fish are so weird too - I believe that's the Gemmill in her - along with the cheeks, the blue eyes, the light hair, fair skin and morning mollygrumps. I'm very nervous that she'll have my adventurousness and then all the chickens that I set free during my twenties will come home to roost.

Loving the Jolly Jumper AND the hanging toys or trying to escape the Jumper we're still not sure. Being a great sport with her Dad. We have a whole series of pictures along this theme - breastpads, toys, books to help her with her posture - you can never start learning to be a lady too soon you know!

I know the knitting content has been really absent these passed few months but to replace actual production which is much slower we just go and hang with the covens. Fenner has been blessed by the Knitters. In some cases I believe she is practising her superpower - Making women Ovulate (that capital O is not a typo). Seriously, man she was tiny - I can't even believe it.

She has really made a home for herself at the Purple Purl as well. They take great care of both of us there and often too. Good coffee, good wool, good people those knitters. My all encompassing family. How they rock my world.


Rachel H said...

I can't believe she's 3 months old already. Such a lovely wee thing. Definitely a lady of stong opinions, but when she gets those dimples involved in the expressing of said opinions, all hell breaks loose in the ovulation department. I kid you not.

Not An Artist said...

Awwww. I love the last pic. What a happy family!

Oh Baby! said...

happy month-day Fenner!
awesome post Jen. me miss them.
and the pix are rockin'.
can't wait to see you and your gorgeous family! xo

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

What a cute baby !!! Nice family picture.

Jillian said...

These are such cute photos! Fenner is adorable!

Dr. Steph said...

Nice post, happy 3 month birthday Fenner!

aviva said...

nice recap jen. and thanks for the advice re milk supply. i wonder if fennel tea will work this late in the game. i'll try it though. will we see each other this week? i'll call you tomorrow.

alyson said...

Gorgeous you are. Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

yum! xo L: