Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You gotta keep on keepin' on.

Ah, shucks, you guys are the best.

I'm still alive, though moving my current office to a new location is kicking my butt. We have a skin and bones network and a lot of panicked and discomfitted staff so my days are spent in IT triage, ie: Is your problem big enough that it would impact all of us getting paid? Yes? Then you go first....Is your problem that you can't stream The Edge 102.1 on our very minimal bandwidth? You can wait a month.

I have finished a ton of knitting. Most items have even been photographed. I'm in the endzone sprint on the black lace shawl I'm knitting for my girlfriend's art show tomorrown night. 1800 stitches and blocking? GAME ON MO FO!

Am missing what is going to be *the* stitch 'n bitch of the year at Lettuce Knit in favour of a bath with a pitcher of wine. mmmm pitcher. Can't wait to write in detail...with details...about detailed know the kind.

Because I just got email at work some messages:

Michelle - Congratulations on your new home! I know you feel like you're a loosely wound ball of wool right now but all will be right soon - also, congratulations on your flooring!

Joyce - I can't wait to get your call with all the details, don't make me say it baby.

Krista - yay! Slumber party! Drinking! With Knitters!

Sandi - I will already be at The Knit Cafe for High Tea earlier in the day so count me in on the 4:00 seating as well, can't wait to catch up you beautiful quesadilla you.

Amy, and the rest of the Spidery Spinners - There will be a Tuesday evening very soon. Mmmm, pomegranate soda...maybe with vodka?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Wow. Thanks for all the support on my extinguished adolescense. Here's an additional tidbit - on the enlarged copy of that picture that my grandmother has framed in her living room (!) you can see a piece of carrot in my incisor brace. Now *that's* pretty only a grandmother can love.

So I'm *this far* from finishing a sweater, pair of socks, lace shawl and scarf...hopefully most of this will be done on the weekend. To be honest, I've been focussed on another big project.


I've been offered a wonderful job as a project manager working for an American company. I'll be consulting from home (possibly, in my pajamas) and it will involve some travel, to New York! and to Boston!

The team I'll be working for is just as gregarious and rambunctious as I am. This is very very very exciting.

Life is good.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Secret Admirer

The only roses I ever got were from a secret admirer in high school.

I was at Manitouwadge High School, the only game in town. I went to my locker in between gym class, where the teacher was hyper focussed on my fat content and English, where the teacher was afraid of my mother and gave me all A's and squished between my gym gear and my books were a dozen roses.

I am a late bloomer, very late bloomer. This was the year that I had a piece of carrot stuck in my braces in my high school picture. I had enormous, ,thick glasses and my nickname was Scuba. When I wasn't doing pyrotechnics with my aerosol hairspray, guess where I was putting it...

These flowers were very clearly supposed to be in the locker next to mine. I read the card to find out who they were for and was *shocked* to find out they were for me. Then I read the note:

"Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

I was so creeped out that I held on to my panties until I was 19 yrs old. I was a barren, spinster, lesbian by Manitouwadge standards.

Thus began my magnetic hold on the world's computer nerd and movie geek population.

Friday, February 09, 2007

New super villain?

New York Fashion Week indeed.

When I become a supervillain - this will be my outfit and I will be FIERCE.

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

For the past year, almost exactly(!) that a group of dedicated knitters and drinkers have been meeting once a month at various pubs and bars around Toronto to Knit! Drink! Tink!

In celebration of this awesome migration we have created a new blog dedicated soley to the March of the Knitters - you can find us at

If you're in town on the second Friday of the month, come by the Spotted Dick for a pint and a stitch or two.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Frozen Pipes

On Sunday morning we realized that there was no hot water making its way to our bathtub. There was hot water everywhere else in the house. Just not to the bathtub.

As a nine to five cubicle dweller there is something perfect about the weekend shower. There is no time limit and you are not in a rush to get anywhere else (usually). The lack of hot water sort of sent our Sunday out of whack.

There were no hot water explosions so I was pretty sure that the pipes weren't frozen. It would seem our neighbor has mice (!!) which only came out as a result of interrogation so we figured maybe there was a little furball trapped in the pipe.

I found O'Brien's Plumbing on recommendation from Ted of Bill's Plumbing (long story I suspect as they are brothers). Bill commits to coming by this morning with my bribes of fresh roast coffee and waffles being a motivating factor.

He walks in, takes a cup of joe, turns the hot water on and lo it poured forth. I call that the $95.00 turn. To Bill's credit he asked me earnestly if there were any other problems he could look at while he was here.

I'm clean, and nominally embarassed.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Chilled to the bones

My mom and dad went to the McLaren Museum this week. They thought the thinker looked chilled. Mom said he had snow in *all* of his crevices.

My dad took this picture of him wearing my very first finished object a crotcheted blanket. A ginormous granny square.

I hope everyone has had a chance to do at least one Winterlicious event. J and I went to Thuet with a couple of close friends on Saturday night. The food was delcious and the service divine. I always half expect to be treated with extreme condescension what with my loud laugh and very out of place conversational style.

They were fabulous. I'm almost done a couple of high impact projects and I can't wait to brag.

Lace my friends. Sexy black lace.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I did stuff - just not fun writing

When I told my oldest friend that I was writing my application essay for Ryerson, she said "As long as you don't procrastinate, you'll be fine" This is the girl that I've forced to proof read innumberable assy essays from university - many of which were written (start to finish) the night before they were due. A heavy price to pay for a roommate.

I took her advice seriously and started writting well in advance. While I tried to cut myself off from all the fun, a girl can't live on academic applications alone. So there was a ton of knitting. In keeping with my new years resolutions. The first gift of the year was knit, packed and sent. My cat tried to go as well.

Some beautiful thrummed mittens for a deserving mother in the northlands - I may be the only person happy with the drop in temperature. I used black Cascade 220 and some Fleece Artist merino roving. The picture is really dark but the mits look like stained glass in the light. I love them.

I also finished my first pair of socks of the year. Le Vesper in Le Crew. These socks are nothing but trouble and many livers were injured in the making of them.

Their powers are better served helping me do my spinning homework. Which was my third outlet during the writing black out. More on that tomorrow.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Tap tap tap. Is this thing on??

The application for my new life has been gently deposited in the capable hands of the Ryerson Admission Office. I am free from my essay which of course means I am free to blog!

I have knitting, spinning and more knitting to show and tell but until I get home to my pictures I leave you with this image:

Rush Limbaugh, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

If he wins, I will eat my unwashed Alpaca fleece.